How to find IP of servers for counter strike through

If you are trying to play counter strike source online. Then probably you will need to have the IP of the servers where the players are connected. There are mainly two pre-requisites before finding the IP address of the server to play.

1. Download counter strike

2. Learn How to start playing counter strike online


After these steps it is very easy to play counter strike online. You just need to find the IP address of the server. There are mainly two websites which have the listing of these servers i.e Gametracker and game-monitor.

Step by step procedure to find IP of a server from game-monitor.

1. Open the site by clicking here.

2. You will see a playing option select it. Then you will see a drop down list. Select the game you want to find the ip for. In our case it is counter strike. select it.

Gametracker | Download counter stri

Gametracker | Download counter strike

3. Then aside it you will see a location option. You will have to choose your location from that list so it will show you the servers within your country.

4. Then, click on search.

5. You will see a list of servers with their IP address.

6. Choose the server you want to play on.

7. Copy the IP address of the server you selected in step 6.

8. Now paste the IP of the server on the 7th step inĀ

9. And you are done.


keep playing…..



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