Download Counter Strike : Source Free

Download Counter Strike : Source Free

Download Counter Strike : Source FREE

Download Counter strike free full version

Download Counter strike free full version

Download counter strike source

Play the world’s No.1 online first person shooter game. Engage in an incredibly realistic terrorist warefare scene. Your objective is to take out your enemies, rescuing hostages and defusing bombs.

Counter-Strike: source is a remake of Counter-Strike, and has all of its team-based objective-oriented missions and first-person shooter vogue gameplay. The aim of taking part in a map is to accomplish a map’s objective: deactivation of the bomb, rescuing all the hostages or killing the whole opposing team. The final word goal of the sport is to win additional rounds than the opposing team. Once players are killed, they are doing not respawn till the round is over. This gameplay feature distinguishes Counter-Strike from alternative first-person shooter games, wherever players respawn at the same moment or once a brief delay.
Shooting whereas moving dramatically decreases accuracy, and holding the trigger right down to ceaselessly shoot produces severe recoil. Shot injury depends upon wherever the bullet hits, with hits to the pinnacle typically being fatal.

Minimum System Requirements: Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: 1.2 GHz Processor CPU: 2.4 GHz Processor
VGA: DirectX 7 level graphics card VGA: DirectX 9 level graphics card
DX: DirectX 7 DX: DirectX 9
OS: Windows 2000/XP OS: Windows 2000/XP
Network: TCP/IP or Internet 2-16 players Network: TCP/IP or Internet 2-16 players
Ajánlott 1mb/net

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Download Counter Strike source Full FREE 

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Some reviews :

Counter-Strike series is one of the most important games that can improve your reactions and aiming skills in all the games. There are no unlocks, perks, level ups or anything else related to these. Just your wrists and your own reaction. That is what everyone love about gaming. If you’re looking for a team play skill based shooter game, then this game will be your perfect choice.

Download counter strike source now

Download counter strike 1.6 free full version

Counter Strike source was developed by Half Life and Valve companies. It is now one of the most famous online game ever played. The latest version of counter strike source is counter strike : Global Offensive having better graphics , sounds,new weapons, new styles and many other new features. Counter Strike Global offensive is simiar to counter strike Source, There are 2 teams and each team is supposed to kill the opposite team and win the match by either defusing/bombing the round or by rescuing the hostages or by killing each player of the opposite team.

Other Popular version of Counter Strike are :
Counter Strike 1.6 : Counter Strike 1.6 is a lesser version thatn counter strike source but it is rather more popular than counter strike source. Counter Strike 1.6 is considered better of smooth gameplay and many other reasons. Actually no one knows why gamers are still crazy about this game. Many people still play counter strike 1.6 because they just can’t get out of their mind. They spend  most of their time playing this amazing game and leaving everything of their social life behind.

Counter Strike : Source – Advance version of counter strike source. Another popular version of Counter Strike which too is still played online. It has improved graphics,gameplay, video and audio than its previous versions. Many bugs were removed from this one.
Download Counter Strike Source NOW!

Counter Strike : Condition Zero : Counter Strike – Condition Zero is another advanced version of counter strike source but unlike other versions of counter strike it has missions to complete. There were 6 “Duty Tours” and each tour has 3 Maps. Player is supposed to “secure the round” by completing the match by completing the different missions like killing 5 terrorists in a MAP or by killing terrorist by using special weapons and much more. It was more a offline game rather than online.

Counter Strike – Deleted Scenes – It was a war-mission based game and is played offline. It is not as famous as other variants of Counter Strike Source. Well if you like Counter Strike source more than download it now :

Download Counter Strike Source free full 


To know more about

How to play counter strike online 

Then click on the above link.

Different types of matches in Counter Strike Source :
PUB – In pub type counter strike source match there is no limitation to number of players. Max of 32 could play and even less than 32 is ok too. Starting Money is 16000$ and there is generally limitation to smoke grenades to prevent lag. It is played online rather than LAN. No freezetime is set in counter strike PUB mode is set to 0. They are not playing to make their team win, players just play for fun and to improve their game moreover there is no limit of total rounds in PUb mode.
Download Counter Strike 1.6 to play clan matches!

Clan Match – In Counter Strike Clan Match total number of players are set to be 10, 5 in terrorists and 5 in counter terrorists. TO win the clan match a team is supposed to win total 15 rounds. First 1 knife round is played to decide which side both teams will go then they play 15 rounds after 15 rounds couunter terrorists go to terrorists and vice versa. The team which secure 15 rounds first is declared as the winner of the clan match. THe starting money is  800$ and freetime is set to 6 secs. Autosnipers are banned in Clan Match. Clan match is a professional type match becuase it requires more skills like aiming, holding positions, sound sense and much more. A clannie can defeat a pubber but not viceversa. This is the reason clan matches are considered better than Pub matches.

Download Counter Strike Source free full   now to play clan matches and have fun :D

DeathMatch Rounds – Deathmatch rounds are matches in which a player respawns just after his death he can choose any gun and there is no money limit and no need of money at all. Players play just to make their aiming and gaming skills faster and faster as player of opposite team could spawn anywhere around them, you need to be faster.
To Play Death match rounds in counter strike  Download Counter Strike source now!

CTF | Capture the Flag Counter Strike Source – Capture the flag is a match mode in which each team has 1-1 flag and they are supposed to protect their flag. Each team is supposed to capture opposite team flag and bring it to their base and side by side protect their own flag. This is a time pass gameplay mode but still it is amazing one!
Download COunter strike source now to play Capture the flag.

To know more about counter strike source visit the following link :
Counter strike source everything explained .
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